Guatemala: October ’07

18 Oct

Man, 3:15 am is e-a-r-l-y! After the wind and rain of last night, the sky was beautifully clear and full of stars. What a glorious way to start our journey! Everyone made it to the airport at the appointed time of 4:30, and we were pleasantly surprised that Pastor Mike came to see us off with prayer. Our team consists of Doug and Christy Kitchens, Danny and Debbie Wright, Mike and Patsy Bedford, Jeanette Howerton and Richard and Ramona Gordon of UBC. We also have Bonnie Swayse and Jennifer Russell from Freedom Fellowship in Tontitown, who had made the trip with the UBC team in July, and Bruce Lancaster from First Baptist Greenland. Kevin McCollum will join us next Monday. The flights were uneventful (Thank you Lord!). We were met at the airport in Guatamala City by two young men from Casa, Adam and Tim, who were from very different backgrounds but who both had amazing testimonies about how God brought them to Casa.

After we got settled into our quarters, we met with Pastor Dave for orientation and then Roberto, one of the young college students who has been at Casa since he was 9 years old, took us on a tour of the facilities. Richard and I then went to the Los Angelitos dorm (infants to about 6 years old), where we got to meet our sponsored child, Brandon, age 4, who immediately came to my arms for hugs even though we had never seen each other before. In fact, Richard, Christy, and I were literally swamped by the little boys in that room-all wanting to be held and hugged. I’m amazed at how affectionate they are with total strangers. Mike and Patsy met up with Moeses, the little boy that Kevin and Michelle are adopting, and he really attached himself to them. It has been a long day, but we’re all happy to be here and looking forward to getting better acquainted with each other and the children, and helping any way we can in this wonderful place.

Written by Ramona Gordon

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Posted by on October 18, 2007 in Guatemala, Samaria


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