Guatemala: October ’07

19 Oct

Not being able to read Spanish presents a real challenge in the kitchen. Our day started with a laugh as what we thought was sugar turned out to be salt, and we didn’t discover it until Richard took the first bite of “cinnamon sugar” toast and oatmeal. Thank heavens he discovered it before anyone else had a chance to “sweeten” their oatmeal with salt, and we only had to throw out one pan of “cinnamon salt” toast and his bowl of oatmeal.

Richard and Bruce repaired the brakes on one of the vans this morning-one that had carried all our luggage and 4 of our team from the airport yesterday. Tim told Richard that all they did to the vehicles was keep the oil changed and try to keep them running. Richard told him the only thing more critical than keeping it running was to be able to stop!

Danny and Doug put up doors, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Debbie and Bonnie painted a tar-like substance on metal trusses for the new staff residence being constructed, to prevent rust. Debbie got the stuff all over her arms and we’re not sure how she is going to get it off-she may be a “tar-baby” all week! The rest of the ladies started painting the old girls’ career dorm vacated last weekend when they moved into their new one. This one will now be used to house the “gringo” mission teams.

Mornings are for work and afternoons are for playing with and loving on the children. After lunch some of the ladies had a fingernail painting activity with the pre-teen girls. Of course, they all wanted in on the action at the same time, and despite our organized plan it became pretty chaotic. But the smiles, “thank-yous”, and participation would indicate it was a big hit. We have Patsy to thank for bringing supplies and planning this and several more activities we will do with the kids throughout the week. After the fingernail painting some of us went to the nursery and held babies and rocked toddlers, all of whom want to be picked up. It makes you wish you had several sets of arms, and it is heartbreaking when we have to pull away from them to leave.

After dinner this evening, we had a sweet time of fellowship as we shared about ourselves and why we decided to come on this mission trip. As we learn more about each other we are bonding as a group and growing in our love and appreciation for each other.

Written by Ramona Gordon

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Posted by on October 19, 2007 in Guatemala, Samaria


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