Guatemala: October ’07

21 Oct

Normally on Sundays they have children’s worship, then services for the older kids, and then services in English for the “gringos”. The older teens are in charge of the children’s worship and do a wonderful job. Today they told the story of Moses through drama. One of the older girls did a beautiful sign language/interpretive dance to the song “I Can Only Imagine”. Some of the children recited memory verses (at least that is what I think they were saying). There were some activities that allowed the children to get up and move around and some games that they seemed to enjoy tremendously.

We were touched when they asked all the “gringos” to come up front so they could pray for us. Some of the children came and stood with us.Today they decided to combine the older kids worship and the “gringo” service, probably because there aren’t a lot of us here right now. “Poppy” Mike had the Americans divide into 4 small groups and assigned a teen interpreter to each, as he preached in Spanish. Our interpreter was Jonathan, who told us that he is called John Henry at Casa. He is a very handsome and sweet young man who did an excellent job interpreting for us. Mike’s sermon was a continuation of a series he has been preaching on giving, and the scripture reference was 2 Cor. 9: 6-12. He stressed that people either see God as a giver or a taker, and those who see Him as a giver know that He gives to us so we can give to others. Whether we give our money or our time, or ourselves the giver is the one who is truly blessed. He used the example of the teens who give their time to help with the babies in the nursery. He also told the kids that God multiplies their gifts, doesn’t just add to their blessings, and asked which was better-addition or multiplication. We enjoyed the kids’ praise songs and recognized some tunes, even though we didn’t know the words they were singing. We later discussed how well behaved the children were during church services-even the little ones sat quietly when they should. They were all clean and neatly dressed in their “Sunday best.” 

After the services we had a group picture made by the Arkansas flag painted on the wall of flags representing volunteer teams. After lunch several of us played with and rocked children in the baby dorm for a few hours. Some of the men cleaned and organized the tool storage, which should be of great benefit for the rest of our time here, as well as for those teams who come after us. Some of the women worked with Dottie Clark to sort through bags of donated clothing, and we really enjoyed spending time with her. She asked us to come to her house one evening to make bows for the bouquets the girls will carry for their quincinerras ceremony.It rained off and on all night and has rained most of the day today. While we have had showers nearly every day, we’ve been fortunate that it hasn’t rained so much as to keep us from the work we are trying to get done. After dinner tonight group members shared their testimonies.

Written By Ramona Gordon

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Posted by on October 21, 2007 in Guatemala, Samaria


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