Guatemala: October ’07

22 Oct

Today was our “tourist day” to Antigua. We saw the cathedral and ruins, toured two jade factories, and went to the market and shopped for souvenirs. Most of us had lunch at Papazita’s, which was a great place for nachos and gourmet pizza, and dinner at Don Rodrigos-a beautiful restaurant with fantastic courtyards. That is one of the things we discovered in Antigua-homes, hotels, restaurants, and shops generally have plain stucco walls right next to the sidewalk, but after you walk through the door there is often a beautiful courtyard. The McDonalds (yes, they have one!) was the largest and most elaborate one I’ve ever seen, with a large courtyard with tables and chairs, playroom, Internet café, and gourmet coffee shop, in addition to the “regular” McDonalds features.Things that made an impression on me about the town was the number of armed guards at businesses and banks, the lines of people waiting to get inside the banks, and the number of both adult and children “peddlers” on the streets and in the town square park begging you to buy their trinkets and wares. I realized that the children back at Casa now have a much better life than most of those children.When we arrived back at Casa we continued what we started last night, with individual team members sharing their testimonies. Kevin arrived tonight and Mike went with Adam to the airport to pick him up.

Written By Ramona Gordon

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Posted by on October 22, 2007 in Guatemala, Samaria


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