East Asia: December 2007

30 Dec

Amazing, eye opening, and unforgettable are a few words that are used to describe missions but for me and I am sure that it is true with many others.  My trip to China was life changing.  I cannot even begin to explain what all I experienced on this trip in just one short paragraph.  This trip made me realize the importance, the urgency, and the need for missions.  There are so many amazing people out there who are dieing every day without ever hearing the word of Jesus Christ.  The best thing that I came away from this trip with is such a huge heart for the lost and for missions.

If I had to pick one moment that had the biggest effect on me it would be one night when we were sitting in the missionary’s house and he played a tape for us.  On the tape was a girl telling the story of Jesus in the Zhuang language.  The Zhuang people group is the largest un-reached minority group in China with over 17 million people.  90% live in the Guanxi Province which is where we worked.  There is no written language for the Zhuang people and 85% have never heard the name of Christ.  After listening to the tape the missionary told us that we are probably the 4th group of people to have ever heard the story of Jesus in that language.  After hearing this, I was so humbled and in awe.  But it didn’t end there – I was able to meet this girl and become very good friends with her.  Getting to know her was such a huge blessing.  It is so easy to be a Christian here in the U.S. that we take it for granted so much.  Seeing how she lived her life and hearing her testimony broke my heart. 

We went there hoping to be a blessing to everyone we were with but being around students like her as well as many others blessed my life more that I could ever say.

Written By Ramsey Emerson

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