East Asia: December 2007

30 Dec

While in China, we got to experience a lot of things.  First off was the food, I never had so much stuff stare back at me while I ate it in my life.  Also, on a daily basis, we got to talk to students about Christ.  And since we were there over Christmas break, we were able to tell them why we celebrate Christmas and share with them the Christmas story.  We probably got to share with over a thousand students. They would ask us questions about what we believed, and if they asked us we share with them the glory that is in Christ.  We went to Christmas parties and at one of these parties, there were over a hundred people that gave their lives to Christ. 

One of the universities, which last year was only visited once because of they didn’t want a team there, was visited by our group six times!  It just goes to show how God is opening doors in China and how He wants His name known there.  One of my Chinese friends encouraged me to tell others about China, the real China.  The people there are so nice, so willingly to go out of their way to help you.  They are also hungry for the Truth.

We went to several buddhist temples, and they we some of the darkest place I have ever been.  They reminded me of when we were coming and leaving the city – there was a thick blanket of cloud for as far as I could see not letting any light through.  But the great thing about of God is that He is able to break through the clouds so that light will shine.  On Christmas day we got to see the light.

Written By Chris Robinson

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