East Asia: December 2007

30 Dec

The team that I had the opportunity to serve with, we were fortunate enough to meet and share the Gospel with over 2000 people in China. The Lord used us to increase his territory and bring Him glory. We had the opportunity to visit three colleges, one middle school and one kindergarten. Most of the emphasis was place on the relationships built with the college students. We were able to attend these colleges multiple times while in country. We would share some of our culture with them and discuss our holidays. We concentrated on Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. This allowed students to ask questions about our lives and traditions that we celebrate in America. We were only scheduled to speak at one of the colleges one time, but the Lord allowed us to speak at this university eight times. The Lord really was very faithful to allow us to speak to as many people as possible. He also allowed the Missionaries in our city to throw Christmas parties that allowed us to present the gospel to hundreds more people. The Lord was very gracious in allowing us to see over 120 people come to know him in the short amount of time that we were in country. In a country that contains 1.3 BILLION people and LESS THAN 1 % KNOW CHRIST, I believe that this 120 people was a huge milestone in the city that I served.

For me personally, this trip has sincerely changed my life and my perspective on my faith. It has changed my outlook on who, when and how I share my faith with the people around me. The Chinese people are most definitely the most sincere, most loving, most accepting, most genuine and most peaceful people group that I have ever encountered (and that does include churches). The Chinese Brothers and Sisters I met are the most passionate and sincere people of the faith that I believe I have ever met. They have to be. In China, it is illegal to spread any kind of faith with anyone under the age of eighteen (including parents to their children). But the state sponsored churches and house churches are filled with children and adults alike. People are tightly packing into small rooms at the end of alleyways just to worship our Lord. These people are endangering themselves daily to live the faith. And people in America are to disobedient and selfish to spread our faith when the only things we have to fear is rejection and having to swallow our pride. In China, there is a good possibility that if they share their faith with the wrong individual that they could be sent to prison. That doesn’t stop them from going and making disciples. It seems that in America we just don’t have enough passion for the cross (I’m definitely included). Hopefully this trip has awoken me to that passion for my faith and my Lord.

Written By John Knox

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