Mexico: Dec ’07/Jan ’08

30 Dec

Today I met a five year old girl who’s name was Layda. She hung-out with me for almost all of the VBS. It really taught me what it means when God says that every tribe, tongue, and nation will be in heaven. I hope that I will get to see her again – either on the earth or up in heaven.

Written By Bethany Miller

The Bible verse that has seemed to fit the theme of my time here so far is Philippians 2:13 – “For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.” When I was preparing for this trip, I thought my main “duty” would be to play music and then help out a little but with the other ministries. I ended up with presenting the gospel in Spanish and playing a little bit of music. That might not seem to be a big deal except that it’s been 18 years since I’ve studied Spanish and I was “volunteered” to do this the day after we arrived. Let’s just say that my Spanish speaking skills gave a whole new meaning to “speaking in tongues.”

I was resistant at first; feeling frustrated, unprepared, unworthy, and wondering why God would choose me for this. But, I knew I could not say ‘no’ and was determined to do my best as I constantly shuffled through my Spanish-English dictionary and desperately tried to recall verb conjugations I learned in high school. While my Spanish is rudimentary and plenty of mistakes were made, there was an undeniable sense of satisfaction and joy in knowing I was obeying God. I’ve been extraordinarily thankful that God continues to work on me and through me, challenging me to grow in new areas and get our of my comfort zone – all with the condition that I’m not alone and not on my own.

Sunday night, Pedro (the pastor we’re working with in Reynosa) complemented me on my Spanish-speaking skills and asked how I became so good at it. I could only laugh as I told him the story, knowing it was not me but God who was working in me for His pleasure.

I don’t know if anyone will be saved through my Spanish (or lack of it), but Pedro’s wife, Ruth, told me afterwards that my testimony did encouraged her to learn English better. She said it was not only important for her but was important so she could do God’s work. She has been scared to do it, but seeing me do something that I was also scared to do encouraged her to break out of her own comfort zone and see God’s work in her life.

Written By Jennifer Gidden

When we first arrived in Mexico, I thought it was going to be awesome. And after my first day, I didn’t like it. I was wanting to be back in Arkansas. I prayed to God, asking that He would help me be a SLOB. I also tried to remember to delight myself in the Lord (Psalm 37:4). The next day, we had VBS. I actually enjoyed myself playing with the kids. I knew God answered my prayer. He made me a S.L.O.B. (Servant, Learner, Offering, Blessing).

Written By Jeremy Mueller

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