Mexico: Dec ’07/Jan ’08

30 Dec

This being Sunday, we had the opportunity to worship at a local body. The singing in both Spanish and English was wonderful. To have each tribe proclaim in their tongue praises to Christ is truly a wonderful experience. To know we serve a God who is not limited as we are by language is awesome. The song Amazing Grace is just that “amazing” in any language when proclaimed from the heart to our Savior.

Written By Richey Miller

This trip is very similar to the one I took during Spring Break in 2007 with Fellowship Bible Church. The thing that really sticks out to me is how truly loving and caring they are in Mexico. They don’t have much and yet they are the ones trying to bless us. I can’t comprehend how they can do this. How can they possibly love us so much more than themselves? It is one of my New Year’s resolutions to try and love others more than me. It is what God is calling me to do.

Written By Jon Lasse

Today was my 18th wedding anniversary and I want to share with everyone what happened to Marty and I that made this day one that we’ll never forget.

Our team was doing a VBS at our host, Pedro’s, church. After spending time doing various activities with the children and adults everyone gathered back into the small sanctuary. At this time Pedro asked Marty and I to come to the front by the podium. In spanish he explained to the congregation that it was our 18th anniversary, to which everyone applauded. Then in english he told us that they have a special song they sing to couples on their anniversary. They started singing the song and then one by one, members of the congregation came up to us and gave us hugs, kisses, and personal congratulations¬†& advice. It was quite an unexpected blessing. The sincere joy on their faces and the warm wishes they verbalized to us (through a translator) was such a tremendous gift to us.

Here we often take for granted someone’s anniversary and don’t really recognize the milestone. But we need to change that. Our children need to see true joy and blessings being poured out on couples who’ve reached another year of matrimony. In a day where the institution of marriage is under so many attacks, we need to show our children that there are marriages that last and bring great joy to the individuals and to God.

Marty and I will both remember this anniversary as one of our richest memories.

Written By Lisa Turner

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