Mexico: Dec ’07/Jan ’08

31 Dec

Something that caught my attention was how accepting people are. They didn’t even care that we spoke a completely different language, but they still did everything just as good as us. Something that made me sad was the poverty. I’ve seen pictures of places like this, but I never, ever dreamed I would be in a place like this. It’s changed how I feel about what I have at home. We have it way better than they do. Everything is made out of concrete and concrete brick and that’s it. The floors are concrete, too. I’ve not seen any carpet so far. Most places don’t have any electricity. They all use outhouses and don’t have any plumping. Those that do have plumbing, you can’t flush the toilet paper down the toilet, so you have to put it in the trash – so you can imagine the smell. You can’t drink the water because it has bad bacteria in it. So we are using water bottles for everything. They also don’t have hot water so the showers are freezing. We have it way better at home then they do. Just think we only have to stay here for a week – these people live this way all the time.

Written By Jesse Turner

Yesterday we went to a church that had lost their pastor and attendance had decreased from around 60 to 10. The church was situated in a neighborhood and several children wandered in from the surrounding area during the VBS time. The children of the church knew scripture very well.  Clark Lasse offered the message, Lisa Turner and Michelle Miller sang a duet and Whitney Lasse and I gave our testimonies. The people seemed very happy that we came to worship with them. Clark’s message was very fitting for this congregation. He spoke of the Israelites and how God delivered them when they had no other hope. I am amazed and excited how God matched the message He gave through Clark with the church’s need.  In the evening, we met with a church that is starting a family rehabilitation center. We had a great time of testimonies and worship.

Written By Marty Turner

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Posted by on December 31, 2007 in Mexico, Samaria


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