Mexico: Dec ‘07/Jan ‘08

02 Jan


Below you will read the personal stories from our Reynosa Mission Team. One of the unique things about this team was that it included men, women, adults, married, single, collegiates, youth, children, and whole families. This uniqueness created an incredible dynamic that enabled our team to minister in various venues and many different ways.

Our team didn’t arrive on the field until late Thursday night and into Friday morning. We spent Friday morning recouping, resting, and preparing for our ministry at one of the local churches. We actually ministered in four different churches during our trip. Each afternoon, we would lead a VBS outreach involving puppets, Bible story, gospel presentation, craft, and recreation/sports. Many times this would spill over into prayer time with the adults, fellowship and food (often homemade tamales), or even a worship time. Our team visited a nearby orphanage and had the opportunity to prayerwalk the campus. On Sunday, we divided into two groups and lead out in two different worship services providing children’s ministry, testimonies, music, and preaching.

On our last day of ministry, we divided into three groups. One group remained at the campground where we stayed and went door-to-door with Spanish tracts and information about our ministry partner’s church. Another group traveled back across the border to gather supplies for small repairs to the campground. They repaired toilets, showers, lights, and an electrical panel to name a few of the projects. They even constructed a second soccer goal to go with the one on sight. The last group went back to a church that we had been serving in on two other occasions. They led another VBS and then celebrated with everyone by breaking a pinata.

We stayed at the campground that belongs to First Baptist Church of Reynosa. Surrounding the campground are literally hundreds upon hundreds of newly built government houses. These houses obviously represent families, many of whom desperately need to hear the gospel. There is no church within miles of this area, so the possibilities are endless for future ministry. Our ministry partner, Pedro Menos, is a dedicated pastor who has a heart for the churches in the Southern Baptist Association there in Reynosa and Rio Bravo. Pedro is like an unofficial associational director that has a heart for family restoration and church planting. In fact, he is launching a ministry called “The Family Rehabilitation Center” in January ’08 that will focus upon marriage and family counseling and restoration, which is a major need in the community and within the churches.

I pray that you not only enjoy reading the journal entries from out team, but that you will consider being a part of our next Mexico Border Mission Trip.

Written By John Mueller

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