Kenya: January ’08

05 Jan

Today was the first day we felt like what we were doing was truly beneficial to the people of Kenya.  We felt needed before today but today we received a special blessing from the Lord when a Kenyan woman told Emily people on the grounds were noticing the work we were doing with the people outside the clinic. She was taken back by our showing love to the children by playing with them, and she told Emily that in their culture many time the adults and children don’t interact on that level often times even eating in separate rooms. This young Kenyan mother was excited to see our group loving on the children and enduring the hot Kenyan heat because we wanted to, not because we had to.

I made good connections with some of the orphanage girls from the Mirindi Children’s Home of Grace today while we were serving the juice and biscuits (cookies). Two of the girls, Emily and Rose,  have been very helpful as we are handing out the food and drink to the hundreds of people in the clinic. I noticed too that when one of my Kenyan friends, Geoffrey, is outside telling the people both young and old what to do before we serve the refreshments there is certain level of respect that is given to him as a male. Geoffrey is only 24 but he is a born leader. In the Kenyan culture the younger children listed to the older children and it seems that everyone gets along very well and the children are very respectful and grateful.

Another young woman told Whitney she will name her next daughter after her. We noticed this is common practice in the area we are in as many children are named after Americans that have come to Kenya to help. The young mother said to Whitney, “I already have a Brittany but it will be ok!” 

We have still experienced no safety issues and continue to feel protected by God day after day. It has been such a confirmation that we are where we are supposed to be doing what God wanted us to do. After we finished clinic today we rested for a few minutes, loaded up in vans to go to an area pastor’s church (Allen). This congregation was Pastor Fred’s first congregation. It was amazing to go to their church building and hear the stories of God’s faithfulness as the church had been previously all but demolished by a storm. These people had stories to share about growing in and savoring God’s faithfulness. The church in the very rural community greeted us and it was awesome to hear and see those people tell of God’s goodness. God is amazing and at work in the hearts of the people of Kenya.

Written By Stephen Martin

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