Kenya: January ’08

07 Jan

Today was another FULL day at the clinic.  We saw close to 700 people in the clinic.  Emily & I prayed over people as they were coming out of the clinic today for a while.  Teacher Jane was our translator, so people would talk with her and then she would tell us their stories and we would pray over them.  There was one older lady who was saying that her son had been kidnapped in all of the rioting.  She didn’t know whether he was still alive or not, but she was saying that she knew God would protect her and provide for her.  It was so wonderful to hear about her faith and to be able to pray with her and encourage her.  Emily started to feel sick outside, so she went in and Angela came out to pray over people with me.  After we had prayed over several more people, more and more people were trying to get into the clinic from the back, where we were.  We decided to go hand out crackers and juice because everything had become too hectic where we were trying to pray with people.  It was always such a joy to hand out the crackers and juice, just to see people’s faces light up when they were received just a handful of crackers and a small glass of juice.  In the afternoon, I was able to go outside and play soccer with some of the kids whose parents were seeing doctors.  Those kids are just so happy to get some attention.  I love how they will climb all over us.  After seeing so many people, it was close to 7:00 by the time we got back to the Brittany House.  A full day but a wonderful one!!!

Written By Becca Looney

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Posted by on January 7, 2008 in End of the Earth, Kenya


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