Kenya: January ’08

08 Jan

Today is our last day of clinic. We knew to expect a larger crowd today so we all got up earlier today than in days past in anticipation of a long busy day. It rained early this morning as many were walking a great distance to clinic. When we arrived at the clinic just before the sun rose for the day hundreds of people were shivering because they were cold from the morning rain. Pastor Fred wanted more organization today than yesterday and worked with our Kenyan friends to make this happen, more chairs and benches were brought over from the orphanage and one of our two large tents was moved to the entry of the clinic grounds to provide reprieve from the hot Summer African heat.  Those who came to the clinic were given a number and it was more methodical and organized, much improved. One of our team members said at the beginning of the week that by the end of the week would be have this clinic running like a well-oiled machine, and it felt very much like that today.Our team spent most of our time inside the clinic today due to the volume of people being seen by the medical personnel. We saw over 700 people today with more than 100 people being turned away until the next day due to the lack of electricity in the clinic and safety concerns after dark for those traveling great distances. I spent a large portion of my time in the pharmacy today sorting medicines for our pharmacists. Of the over 2700 people we have seen actually in the clinic over these 5 days, each person has been prescribed a minimum of 6 prescriptions. We once again served the juice and biscuits (cookies) to everyone at the clinic; only today we wanted to make sure that everyone got their own package of biscuits as well as a drink of juice. My heart broke when I saw over 100 people that simply were not going to make it in the clinic today so we decided to serve even those outside the gates of the clinic. God is good and we had enough to serve everyone on the grounds as well as enough to go back through the inside of the clinic and give extras to some children.

The clinic was amazing today while at the same time sad as we saw many very sick people ranging from enlarged livers to full blown AIDS.  Craig (one of my friends from Little Rock) decided to give the last 2 patients of the day 1000 schillings (about $17) for enduring the long day. It was very rewarding to see this take place as we were told 1000 schillings could easily be a month’s wage in Kenya.  One of the last 2 ladies being treated had to be taken by van to an area hospital because she simply could not be treated any further by our medical staff.

It was very strange walking off the grounds of the clinic today knowing we could have easily done day after day of medical treatment, but our time in Kenya was nearing an end. I stayed around until all the patients had been seen and then walked back to the Brittany House reflecting on the day and God’s provision. I had been struggling all week with not getting to play with the children at the orphanage where we were staying so today I had already decided that no matter how tired I was I was going to go spend time with them. We played soccer, laughed, shot some basketball, and I got to scoop up a little boy in my arms who had a badly infected toe and take him to Scott (our doctor) to be treated. It was truly a precious moment for me as I missed my own children so much and I could feel this little boy relax when I picked him up to carry him to Scott. As evening fell on our last day at the Mirindi Children’s Home of Grace we ate dinner by generator light, packed our things leaving most of them behind for the orphanage, and then spent time praying over Michael and Sandy who would be staying in Kenya for a year at the orphanage, what a blessing today has been!

Written By Stephen Martin

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