New Orleans: Spring Break ’08

20 Mar

Working with Edgewater Baptist was the most regarding experience of this trip. Going alongside this church and helping them accomplish God’s plan for their local body was a true blessing. Short term mission projects should involve partnering along with what God is already doing and will continue to do. It was a definite delight to simply canvas the church’s neighborhood and prayer for the lives they will touch. Being able to serve in Edgewater’s vision for their community encouraged me to have a heart for my community. Getting to talk with the members of Edgewater was a mind-blowing experience. I will never forget speaking with Larry and hearing him say, “Don’t feel sad for me.” Larry and many others took a hold of God and His plan for them. Their faith was greatly increased by a tragic circumstance. I pray that if I am in a circumstance similarly tragic, I would also allow God to increase my faith. The people of Edgewater are each true blessings and encouragements to my life and the people God will leave them to encounter.

Written By Amy Warren

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Posted by on March 20, 2008 in Judea, New Orleans


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