New Orleans: Spring Break ’08

22 Mar

“The red dragon’s left thigh is sweaty!” A burst of cool refreshing air comes out of the vents, and all the passangers roll over to find a new and different sleeping position. I’m not a story teller. I feel like I should be drawing pictures as well when I write like that. Anyways, I’ll just put down a few thoughts. The drive down was a great time to get to know each other. When I was in the corner restaurant, and Andrew called, we had a whole conversation and I was able to wave at him (and see him) off of a window, but I couldn’t see him directly. It was neat. Going to bed every night and finding something different in my sleeping bag was always exciting. Playing cards late at night and just laughing in general. What Daniel said [at the end of the trip] is tootallly true. Short mission trips benefit the individuals who go on them so much more than the locations that they serve. It was neat to spend some time with people there in New Orleans, though.

Written by Jacob Porter

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Posted by on March 22, 2008 in Judea, New Orleans


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