Guatemala: May ’08

23 May

It never ceases to amaze me how God works in & through all things. I love it when He brings points of Bible studies that I’m doing, or expriences that I’m going through, into sermons, or “Sunday School” lessons, or even songs that just “happen” to come on the radio. This time God worked through my trip to Casa Para Ninos Aleluya in Guatemala… & boy did He!!!

One of my co-workers is going through a tough time with her five year old nephew of whom she received legal custody when he was two and a half. When he was an infant his parents didn’t hold him, care for him, and basically they didn’t show love to him. Now he is on the verge of being expelled from his pre-Kindergarten class because of his behavior.

About two weeks before my trip, she told me that one of the counselors he visited with mentioned that he might have an attachment disorder, but another one said that there was no way he did. My co-worker was at her wit’s end with what to do and I started praying for her that God would help her, that He would show her what to do to get his behavior under control.

I truly believe that my trip to Casa was at least a partial answer to my prayer for her & that my main purpose for being on this trip was to be able to help her when I got back. Let me explain…

On the Tuesday of our trip our group was visiting with one of the couples that works there and we got to find out about their specific ministries at Casa. As Pamela was sharing with us, I’m pretty sure that my jaw dropped. Her ministry is helping another lady there teach the workers and the teachers how to deal with kids with attachment disorder. She told us that in the first year to two years of every baby’s life if he isn’t held and loved by one or both parents that a portion of the brain never develops and it just so happens to be the part of the brain that deals with trust. She told us about the typical behavior of children with this disorder. I just kept thinking about my co-worker and her “son.” I spoke with Pamela and the other lady about this attachment disorder and even got to sit in on one of the classes for the teachers. Since returning Pamela has emailed me a lot of information about the disorder and what works and what doesn’t work with kids with attachment disorder.

It was so exciting to get to tell my co-worker what I learned about this attachment disorder which her “son” probably has and to be able to give her some actual information about how to deal with his behavioral problems, especially after specifically praying that God would do just that! Like I said God works in & through all things. He is so Good!!!

Written By Anna Ramsey

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Posted by on May 23, 2008 in Guatemala, Samaria


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