Guatemala: May ’08

24 May

We began sponsoring a new girl around the first of the year, because the girl we had been sponsoring left Casa.  So, I finally got to meet in-person our new sponsored Girl, Laura.

Over my first two trips to Casa, I had been able to establish a wonderful relationship with the girl we had been sponsoring. It was very difficult and sad to realize that Maribel was no longer in this loving, supportive Christian environment. While I can continue to pray for her, I suspect that this side of heaven I’ll never see her again, never be able to give her an encouraging hug, never be able to send her cards/e-mails, and will not be able to keep up with her as she grows into adulthood.

On a futile trek to find Carol Siete, I passed by a young boy who was alone on the play area off by the bodega. When I first went by, I spoke but didn’t engage him, because he was studying, and I was on a mission to find Carlos. Being unable to get to the area where I had been told Carlos was, I returned to where we had been working. On my way back by the boy, I stopped to chat with him. When he told me that his name was Christian, I remembered that [our new sponsor child] had a brother named Christian. So, I asked if he had a sister named Laura, and he lit up when he told me he did. We had a great visit during which time I found out both he and Laura were believers.

It is a highlight of every mission trip I have been on to get to work with, pray with, eat with, bunk with, and share with the folks that the Lord chooses to put on each team. This trip was no exception. In addition to all the comraderie-building that comes with the shared task and time together, we each shared our personal testimonies.
Four evenings we had Casa Staff share their testimonies of how the Lord worked in their lives to bring them to Casa. We heard from Tim Ruth, Bob and Pamela Brownlee, Ginny Vine, and David Lease. It always excited and encourages me to hear how the Lord has moved and worked in someone else’s life.


On Friday afternoon, Carolyn Clark drove Laura and me to Guatemala City to shop for a dress for Laura’s Quinceañera (15th birthday) this October. When first asked for what she wanted, she said she wanted the color celeste-sky blue. It took about an hour of shopping for her to find the dress she wanted, which turned out to be pink instead of blue.

At the Continental desk-area, James gave us a scare when he fainted. We all initially assumed that the problem was with his blood-sugar, but thankfully it turned out that he was ok.

Written By Mike Lawrence

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