Nicaragua: June ’08

08 Jun

We left Managua headed for a small community outside Matiguas on Sunday afternoon after a 2 hour delay due to a flat tire. Once on the way, we had a few detours on bridges where the old bridges had been washed out. The ride was about 3 hours. Then we get to our turn off which is a very bumpy gravel road, then the final turn off with is about a half mile of nothing but mud. Our vehicle makes it but the other vehicle (Loren is driving) gets stuck so our vehicle drops us off and goes back to help. We finally get everyone there and get unloaded. While the guys unloaded, I took out my Polaroid camera I had packed specifically for this trip. After I started taking pictures of the Nicaraguan church members who had come to greet us, everyone wanted one. It was SO much fun! They were so proud of their photos. I was reminded by Loren that some of these people never had a photo of themselves.After all our items were unpacked and set up, it was time for church. It was amazing. The pastor sang and played his guitar. Then a woman of the church sang a few songs (actually led us in song as everyone sang along).  We clapped and sang so loud! Then the pastor’s wife led us in song, Loren preached and led worship and introduced us. Then the pastor preached. They spoke of sowing the seed. I only know this because Loren gave us the passage. (Everyone spoke in Spanish so I was a little behind the 8 ball.) When service was finished we prepared and ate supper, then it was time for bed at all of 8:15pm.

It took a while to fall asleep but when I did, I slept good. Nature called so I woke at 2:30am and headed to the outhouse…yes, outhouse. Luckily Jenna (summer missionary) and Kelli were up at the same time and we all went together. (Other animals travel in packs, why shouldn’t we?) Then back to bed and straight to sleep had it not been for the rooster who was so confused and crowed all the time. (I think he was lucky to be alive when we left. There were some pretty tired and unhappy campers. Luckily I can sleep through a freight train!)

Written by Karin Alvarado

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Posted by on June 8, 2008 in Nicaragua, Samaria


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