Niger: June ’08

13 Jun

Yesterday, Sunday, we split up and visited different churches in Niamey for their services. The atmosphere was quite different… One of the churches met in a straw hut, and in another people reclined together on rugs. Over all, the sincere worship was encouraging… it was exciting to get a picture what worship will be like around the throne in heaven. In the evening we attended a service for all of the missionaries in Niamey – it was exciting to see that they have a lot of unity amongst themselves.

Today was filled with activities. We visited two orphanages, one Baptist school, and one public school. We all got mobbed by kids everywhere we went. One of the neatest things we observed was that the Baptist school had 549 children and only 9 of them are Christians. Praise God that He is working in the schools – in fact, the principal of the public school is also a Christian, however, Muslim government officials are starting to put pressure on the Christian schools and orphanages even though 4 out of the top 5 schools in Niger are Christian.

Please pray that God would grant favor to Christian school leaders and teachers. Tomorrow we will spend the day visiting the village of Milo – about 4 hours away, depending on the roads, of course.

 Written By Hugh Medal

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Posted by on June 13, 2008 in End of the Earth, Niger


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