Niger: June ’08

13 Jun

It feels a little strange, but we leave for Niger tomorrow. Our flight leaves from NWA regional airport at 9:15am tomorrow. We will be traveling to Niamey (Niger) via Chicago, New York City, and Casablanca (Morocco). There is a level of excitement among the group and a continued increase in unity. Praise God that Jason received his visa yesterday! We have been blessed so far to have had little to no setbacks.Last night we met and packed bags with supplies to take to Niger. We will be taking school and medical supplies. We will also bring some items to a missionary couple currently in Niger.

During the time until we reach Niger, we would appreciate prayers for safe travel, prayers that we would make it Niger with minimal distractions and difficulties, and that Sarah, who is slightly ill will be feeling better by the time we depart.

We would also like prayers that the Lord would focus our hearts more and more for the task at hand, that we would be ready and eager for what he has for us. In addition, we would appreciate prayers that we would be open to being shaped by this experience. Finally, we would appreciate prayers that we would be aware of “the peace of God that surpasses all understanding” in the midst of our individual anxieties.

Written By April

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