Niger: June ’08

13 Jun

At press time, we are sitting in a pizzeria waiting for our flight to Niamey at 10:20pm (Niamey time). Praise God for safe travels and Sarah’s quick recovery from her strep throat!  As the day started we were on a plane from New York to Casablanca, Morocco.  One bright spot of the flight was that we met a native Nigerien traveling to Niamey.  Because we had a 13 hour layover in Casablanca, we spent the day with our new friend touring the city.   The highlight of our day was visiting the Hassan II mosque, which is the third largest mosque in the world. The combination of sheer size and ornate detail was breathtaking.

We will arrive in Naimey, Niger at 1:15am tommorrow morning and travel to the SIM base. Tommorrow we will be be given a presentation of SIM’s vision for Niger and have some time to rest.

Our prayer focus for the day was God’s creation and our verse of the day was Hebrews 1:2.  We would appreciate prayers for safe arrival, good health, and good rest tonight.  We would also appreciate your prayers for our friend from Niamey, specifically that we could share God’s love with her.  In addition, we would appreciate prayers that we would be able to focus on God’s purpose for this trip in the midst of travel and distractions.  Finally, we would appreciate prayer’s that Sarah would fully recover and not be affected at all by strep throat.  Thank you all for your continued prayer!

Written By Hugh Medal

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