Niger: June ’08

14 Jun

Last night we visited Cornerstone, a Christian School in Niger. Cornerstone was started by two Nigerien Christians who have a vision to provide Nigeriens with quality education from a Christian world view. This is significant because quality education is lacking in Niger and teaching is often done from a shame-based world view. What I mean by a shame-based world view is that teachers teach in such a way that students will not become smarter then them (which would bring them shame).Cornerstone is a private school that teaches the State curriculum from a Christian world view. Because of this, the Nigerien government is delaying their acceptance as a state-certified school. Please pray that Cornerstone would receive favor from the government. Please also pray that they would get the funding and equipment that they need and that their students would perform well on the State exams demonstrating the quality of the Cornerstone education.

Although we planned to travel to Milo today, the Lord had other plans. We ended up breaking down about halfway and had to be towed back to Niamey. Praise God that although it was very hot, we made it back without any problems. One good thing about breaking down was that shortly after we stopped, a herd of giraffes passed by. The giraffes were beautiful and formidable animals.

Another good thing about our car breakdown is that we experienced African hospitality. Within 15 minutes of our breakdown there was a crowd of people around us that had emerged from the bush. They were willing to help but not insisting… they mostly wanted to talk and hang out.

We were disappointed that we were unable to reach Milo, especially since the whole town was expecting us. Milo is a town of 8 – 10 thousand people and is 98% Christian. Unfortunately, with the last rainstorm Milo received only enough rain to wash away the fertilizer in their fields. Unless God does something, the people in Milo will experience famine. Please pray that God will work mightily to save the Milo people from famine. Please also pray that God would comfort them despite the fact that we were unable to see them.

Tomorrow we will be working on making some new desks for the public school. We will also be putting on a games night at the University Students Centre. Please pray that God will work in the hearts of the students who attend.

Health has been largely good.

Written By Hugh Medal

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