Niger: June ’08

14 Jun

Today we visited a number of schools in Niamey. We started by visiting Sahel Academy, a Christian boarding school. Although most of the students at Sahel Academy are the children of missionaries, this quality education has prompted families with non-Christian backgrounds to send their children there. Praise God that a tenth grade girl accepted Christ into her life this past year. Also pray that God will provide for Sahel’s need for more faculty and staff people.Next we visited Esprit, a seminary specializing in training servants of God to do ministry among Muslims in the Sahel (region below the Sahara Desert). Please pray that God would provide for Esprit’s financial needs and that he would provide them with a professor knowledgeable in Islam, a big need to them.

This afternoon we worked on making new desks for one of the public schools in Niamey. It was a blessing to meet a need for them. In the evening we had our Games Night at the Foyer Evangelique Universitaire (FEU). This Games Night might be the highlight of our trip thus far.

The FEU serves as a student union at the University of Niger in Niamey, providing a computer lab (paid for by Lightbearers!), a library and study space, resources which are scarce in Niamey. Also the FEU is run by SIM so they seek to build relationships with the students and share the Good News of JESUS with them. It is really cool to see that the FEU ministers to a lot of the Muslims.

During our Game Night we were blessed by being able to get to know quite a few students and exchange contact information with them. Please pray for the follow-up with these contacts. Also, please pray that God would bless the FEU’s ministry.

Early tomorrow morning we plan on visiting the sand dunes outside of Niamey.

Written By Hugh Medal

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