Nicaragua: June ’08

17 Jun

Today was our last day of prayer walking and passing out the Gospel of Luke in the community between Matigaus and Rio Blanco. Our first stop was at a school which was two rooms with classes of younger elementary kids. The principle of the school let us in to pray for the kids and pass out the Gospel of Luke to the kids. Then we split into two groups. The group I was with went along the main road and passed out Gospels. We drove but had to walk along paths to get to houses and people working off the road. One of the summer missionaries and I found three guys planting seed in a pasture. We gave each of them a Gospel of Luke. The third one was very excited and started reading it right away. That was an amazing picture of sowing the seeds of God’s Word to men sowing seeds in a field. Next, we all met up and went to the river to bathe. It’s not a very cleansing experience when you get out and find leaches on you. The afternoon was spent eating lunch and hanging out on the porch of the church. That evening I decided to stay back at the church and help pack with two of the summer missionaries and Loren while the others went back to show another movie like the Jesus Film. After cleaning up, we had a blessed time of talking to each other and praising God.

Written by Scott Rainer

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Posted by on June 17, 2008 in Nicaragua, Samaria


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