Bikes, Blues, & BBQ – September ’08

06 Oct

Every year over 350,000 motorcyle enthusiasts converge on NWA for Bikes Blues and BBQ.  The hub for this bbbqgrand event is Dickson Street in Fayetteville, AR.  Due to our proximity to this location and available parking, UBC has chosen to minister to the men and women who attend this event every year.  The 4 day event includes a lot of activities but parking can be a challenge.  We opened up our SAC parking lot for FREE parking to all motorcyles for the 4 days.  It is estimated that approx. 1,500 bikes were parked on our lot during the week.  We had over 25 men volunteer their time in 2 hour shifts to cover the parking area for the entire event.  This allowed us to greet the visitors, invite them to church on Sunday, offer them water and most importantly show them the love of Christ.  In addition to the free water, free parking and “security” we also fed over 175 people on Thursday night. The appreciation of our “hospitality” was shown through many thank you’s, and donations to our reach ministry on site. 

Since the event has ended, UBC has received emails thanking us for our kindness and willingness to serve others without prejudice and judgement.  It was apparant throughout the event and afterwards, that we revealed Christ to others by opening our hearts and minds to those who may look and act differently than we do.  This all happens within 100 yards of our Sanctuary. 

We plan on making this a yearly event and we’ll continue to tweak things here and there.  The one thing we will not change is the love we show for our fellow man through meeting his physical needs and more importantly his spiritual needs. 

Join us next year as we seek to serve others through this unique opportunity!

Written by Mark Cloud

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Posted by on October 6, 2008 in Bikes, Blues, & BBQ, Jerusalem


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