North Africa – Dec. ’08/Jan. ’09

07 Jan

Growing up in church I have always been familiar with the IMB and as a faithful participant of G.A.’s I have heard stories of Lottie Moon and so many other awe inspiring missionaries.  I remember sitting in church while some visiting missionaries shared their stories of living in a hut and eating bugs in West Africa.  I thought to myself, “wow only superstar Christians img_2247can do that.” 

During our time in N. Africa, we worked alongside a “M” who shared with us, that he was simply a man whom God had called to serve Him in way that was different.  So he and his wife, along with their ten year old daughter and eight year old son, packed up everything and moved from the States to an unfamiliar place overseas.  Ten years later this m-couple is the first to admit that they don’t have all the answers, they aren’t always perfect and are far from “superstars”, but they do have a heart fro the nations and desire to serve in whatever capacity God calls them to.

It was in watching this couple that I saw first-hand that God calls those to the mission field, who will follow Him in simple obedience.  Just like Isaiah said, “Here am I, send me,” we must recognize that even without knowing all the details or having everything sorted out, that God calls us to love Him and love His people in whatever task He calls us to do.  I learned on this trip, and saw in action what it truly looks like to be ready and willing to serve and glorify God in every area of my life.

No longer do I think the mission field is for the spiritually elite, but rather for ordinary believers whose deisre is to simly follow Him in all that they do and make His name known among the naitions!

Written by Angela Wright

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Posted by on January 7, 2009 in End of the Earth, North Africa


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