Guatemala – June 2009

11 Jun

It’s hard to describe the experience you have at Casa. It’s humbling to see these children living in these conditions without any family, most of them with awful memories of sexual and physical abuse. How can we ever think we need more than we have or think we are having a bad day?  All these children need is a hug and attention. You feel like a piece of candy with ants all around you. You want to hug everyone of them and take away their troubles.

It’s amazing to see these children smile and laugh. The simplest thing you play with them makes them happy for the moment. Painting the girls nails was a big hit! Playing with the big parachute was alot of fun. Teaching them hand slap games was something the girls liked and wanted to play over and over again. Another thing I was amazed by is that kids share, take turns and worry about each other.  It was so wonderful to see the kids at church, praising God and Jesus. The teenagers have a church service all on their own on Friday night. It is not mandatory, but the big blue building was full of teenagers of both sexes. Their hands were in the air praising God. They were full of excitement and energy while singing their songs.  They bounced up and down and around the whole hour without ever getting tired. The Spirit of God filled the room. I didn’t, understand many of the words but I definitely felt the spirit and sang and bounced along with them.  John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”

The kids pick out someone that has given them an extra hug or attention and will be waiting for you every time you come out in the morning or after lunch or supper. It makes you feel so good to know you have made a special connection with a few of them. They have so little but when they get something like a coloring book picture they have colored they want to give it to you. Some of the kids were getting to make bracelets out of colored string and beads. One of my little friends Tatiana made a bracelet and instead of keeping it for herself she wanted me to have it.  She has nothing and gives it away to me. How can I ever feel selfish again?  I won’t  ever take off the bracelet until it falls off and then I will keep it forever. When I ever feel sorry for myself or selfish all I’ll have to do is look at that bracelet.

I went to Casa to see my new grandson, Chepe’ and to help the kids. I know Chepe’ will have a great life full of God’s love and all of his new families love.  He will be fine. I wish I could have done more for the other kids there but to tell you the truth, I know they gave me way more than I could ever give them. 

Written by Shari Mains

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