Guatemala – June 2009

11 Jun

Casa June 2009 296What do I have lay at His feet?  This is the question Mike Clark asked us during his Sunday Gringo sermon. This is my sixth trip to Guatemala and Casa, yet I am still surprised about how God uses it to mold me.  The world and devil tell us that we don’t have enough: enough time, enough stuff, enough house, enough food, enough money, enough media etc……. Even if I had everything the world had to offer would I really want to give Jesus a “flat screen TV?”  

Yet when I think of Casa I see a glimpse of what God desires for us. The children have less personal belongings than I can fit in my carry on suitcase, but it is enough. Why? I think the answer is that they spend their days not with stuff, but in fellowship with each other. The type of fellowship that praises Jesus together, runs to each other if they fall, shares a single sucker (a chili powderone) with 10 other people, taking a coloring book given to them and give out all the pages except one, and wait at our door at 6am in the morning just for a smile and a hug before school.  

The treasure they are storing up is not an outward collection of things but an inward treasure of Christ’s love in their hearts. My prayer is that I die to the world’s measure of wealth and that I can store up treasure that would be honoring to lay at His feet. (1 Timothy 6:17-19).

The picture is of my Chepe. Yes, it is first thing in the morning before school and his school uniform shirt is torn but as you look at him he is not ashamed because he has true JOY to be alive and it is not based on worldly things but on love that can only come from Jesus flowing out of him.  I am so blessed!!   

Written by Braidi Tartaglia

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