Guatemala – June 2009

13 Jun

IMG_3360The last night we were there, I was reading the Psalms for the day (Psalms 10, 40, 70, 100 and 130) and as I began to read, I realized how much Psalm 10 must have told of the previous lives of the children who are now at Casa.  Here’s what I mean: Psalm 10: “The wicked man hunts down the weak; he lies in wait near the villages; from ambush he murders the innocent, watching in secret for his victims; he lies in wait like a lion in cover; he lies in wait to catch the helpless and drags them off in his net. His victims are crushed, they collapse; they fall under his strength”. 

These verses tell so much of what the majority of these children have been through.  Victimized, abandoned, forced into awful prostitution, violated in so many ways.  Yet, God has seen fit to save these children, to give them a hope and a future.  In the all of these 5 Psalms, God is shown has the incredible Savior, Healer, Redeemer, Life Changer, Snatcher, the El Roi, Defender, Encourager, Lifter, Rock, Planner, Hearer, Future, Faithful, Father, Lover, Protector, Helper, Exalted, Deliverer, Shepherd, Maker, Merciful, Hope, Forgiver, Full of Redemption and so much more! 

Then, look in verse 18 of Psalm 10 “You, O Lord,…defending the fatherless and the oppressed, in order that man, who is of the earth, may terrify no more.”  God is using Casa so that these children may not be terrified any longer.  Saved physically and emotionally from their former perpetrators, and then so many are being saved spiritually unto their Heavenly Father. 

They are happy at Casa; they are shown love like they never have been before and then they give to others.  I came there to give love and to give all that I had, yet I took home so much more than what I ever gave. 

What an incredible Father we have.  To Him be all the glory!

Written by Kathy Burgess

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Posted by on June 13, 2009 in Guatemala, Samaria


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