Guatemala – June 2009

22 Jun

If only you could look into the longing eyes of these adorable children and see their difficult family life, prior to theirIMG_3358 coming into the orphanage, it would just make you weep uncontrollably.  Your cry would not just be that you felt sorry to think why and how in the world these circumtances happened to these children and not to you.   It is also the tears of the redeemed, rescued from captivity.  Their testimonies were beyond anything you could imagine happening to them.  Many of these children had a very difficult upbringing, even from a very early age. How dreadful it is to hear Romans 1:28 come to fruition in the lives of these innocent kids. Yet, not only did they survive it, but they also blossomed in the soil God prepared once the blessedness of salvation took place. The God who performed miracles, purified them and called them His own. It would only take an act of God to make them or any of us His sons and daughters. 

After been through so much suffering, you would think that these children will just give up altogether.  Some didn’t start school until their teenage years. However, on the contrary, they have such great determination and zeal for their goals and ambitions.  Many orphans have excelled in colleges in Guatemala and United States as a result of God’s provision and their personal convictions. It makes me glad that God chose to bless them in such miraculous and providential ways.  

Another example of determination was shown when I showed an 8 to 10 year old boy the Evangecube that I ordered from the US. This cube is basically a block that has 6 steps in showing someone how to come to salvation.  I thought that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I would have 6 pictures. Also, since I didn’t have the thousand Spanish words in my vocabulary to explain about salvation, I thought this was a great tool.  So I showed this to the boy by doing motions and facial expressions of the death and resurrection of Christ.  Then, I had him read the steps out in Spanish to me.  I didn’t understand, but at least I thought it would be good for him to practice his reading.  I just knew enough Spanish words asked him if he understood what he was reading and he nodded his head. Then, I had someone tell him in Spanish that I wanted him to have this Evangecube and that he could share this with his friends.  

Immediately, he began to grab some people, even people in my mission team to explain to them the plan of salvation.  He was determined that those around him will hear the Gospel. He began to pull them by their hands to a place where there’s not a crowd around and began acting out how Christ was crucified and raised to life and is seated at the right hand of God. I am blessed to witness such urgency of God’s salvation being proclaimed. May this child be blessed as God uses him to further His kingdom. 

These children have taught me so many things. But one of the things that stood out to me was their faith to be bold for Christ and endure all things for His glory. They have gone through a lot and yet are so filled with joy to forgive and witness to those who have treated them so badly. I just praise God for bringing them into the orphanage so that they are no longer trapped in the patterns of a very difficult childhood and are able to learn about the Savior who rescued them out of the pit.  

Written by Hannah Jenkins

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Posted by on June 22, 2009 in Guatemala, Samaria


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