Wichita – July 2009

26 Jul

I am new to the church and this is also the first mission trip I have ever been on.  It has been a blessing in every way: IMG_3663the kids, the adults I got to know and work with 24/7, the prayer time and devotions, and certainly the work we did. We embodied unity of the Spirit in an amazing way.

Besides the encouragement and blessing I received from working with such a wonderful team, the memory that will never leave me is that of the older children we served at the Hispanic church.  I served as the group leader for the “Seekers” (nine years old and older).  My heart went out to those who had knowledge of God’s truths and showed such an interest.  My heart went out to those who showed and told stories of a strength children should not yet have to have in order to survive in the world.  My heart went out to those who already react with violence, carelessness, and disrespect for others.

IMG_3600On Wednesday, when I left the camp for the last time, I could think of nothing but those children.  I thought I would pray in solitude for days before the feeling left me.  I could write so much more about specific experiences, blessings, and heartaches from each child I was able to serve, but I just want to ask you to join me in praying for those children, and the seeds that were planted in them would produce eternal fruit.

Written by Andrea Burleson

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Posted by on July 26, 2009 in Judea, Wichita


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