Wichita – July 2009

31 Jul

Since the Wichita mission trip I have thought many times about what made the experience so unique and why I look back with such fond memories of the time we shared together. Someone commented during the trip that we had shared at least three years worth of fellowship in our week together. I don’t mean fellowship like we like to call it when we have a cookout in the backyard. I mean true koinonia…..sharing the love of Christ in the context of multigenerational biblical community. Koinonia was experienced as we ministered to the needs of others motivated out of a love for them and a love for the Gospel…backyard bible clubs, soccer camp, and construction projects. Koinonia expressed itself through serving our own team in love, meeting the physical, temporal, practical needs of the members of our team with an eternal mindset rooted in a love for others because of Jesus. This was seen as some worked to serve our physical needs through preparing meals for us or as others stopped loud games early for the sake of younger children who needed their rest. It was expressed through a thoughtful phone call from one team member to another to offer to bring back a favorite drink from Sonic. It was expressed through laughter, hard work, worship and sharing. Families, singles, teenagers, empty-nesters, newly weds, and grandparents all working together as the body of Christ….what a blessing to be a part of it all. I miss waking up each morning and greeting my brothers and sisters in Christ and going to bed at night after a long day of serving together and sharing our time of family worship together as one big family.

Before the trip I was feeling anxious about the details….what was I thinking? How would our baby do? Would he sleep? Could I really pull this off with our family of nine? As we got into the trip it became obvious that we were truly going to function as a team…as a family…I relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the unity of the Spirit in action.

Written by Michelle McCollum

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