Wichita – July ’10

23 Jul

This has been an exciting week of ministering within our Judea here in Wichita.  Thirty-nine adults and kids from UBC have served tirelessly (or should I say selflessly – since we are tired!) all week.  Here is a glimpse into what our week has been like.

During the mornings we worked with Carlos & Vickie Carreron who are a Hispanic Church planting couple.  They have planted Nueva Vida Bautista Iglesia in the central part of the city.  Our team led in a VBS, teaching on the story of Joseph, as well as leading a soccer camp.  We had a full group of kids each day from ages four all they way up to teenagers.  On Thursday we concluded the VBS by sharing the Gospel (God, Man, Christ, Response) to the entire group and connecting how Joseph fits in the bigger redemption story and serves as a type to Christ.  We also served watermelon as we concluded our time with them.

In the afternoon we worked with True Life Church in the Bel Aire community of Wichita.  TLC, as it’s known, has yet to launch their weekly services.  They are currently doing monthly pre-launch services in anticipation of their official launch on October 10th (10-10-’10).  This summer, as a way to get the word out, they have been leading ‘Awesome Rockin’ Jam Camps’.  Our team helped host one of these camps which consisted of similar components to a VBS.  TLC’s leadership team is aiming to make connection points with families who come to these Jam Camps in hopes to build their core team.

On Thursday evening we hosted a block party for TLC following the Jam Camp within the community.  We had the blow-up jumper games along with sno-cones and cotton candy machines.  Many new prospects were introduced to TLC throughout the evening as we displayed the love of Christ to the Bel-Aire area.

We pray all in all that the Gospel was displayed, demonstrated through compassion, and declared with boldness throughout Wichita this week, and that lasting fruit is born for years to come.

Written by Ryan Martin

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Posted by on July 23, 2010 in Judea, Wichita


One response to “Wichita – July ’10

  1. Wendell Skinner

    August 13, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    As the Partnership Coordinator for the Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association, I want to thank each of you who came to Wichita this summer and gave your hearts to our people. Although the impact is not always immediately evident, we believe that the work of teams like yours will help us to grow strong, vibrant churches dedicated to the glory of God in Wichita. The work that you did at Nueva Vida and True Life Church will have eternal significance. Please continue to pray for the expansion of the gospel in Wichita and the surrounding area.


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