Wichita – July 2010

27 Jul

After arriving home from a week in Wichita, I received the question many times of “How was your trip?” The traditional, “Well, it was good” usually suffices. But then I received a different question, or rather a demand of sorts, from a co-worker. “Give me one highlight of the week.” For me, that highlight was the same as it was last year. Getting to live in community with others from your church body is an experience that you can’t really explain until you’ve been a part of it yourself. For some of us, we were able to build on relationships established last year in Wichita and continued at UBC throughout the year. For others, we enjoyed beginning new friendships that hopefully will continue to grow as well. It was something really special to stand in the choir on Sunday morning and look out at four or five different families and have a new appreciation for each one of them. The smiles and greetings in the hallway are different now after having spent a week on mission together. That’s one highlight for me that doesn’t stop even though we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Written by Rebekah Burns

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Posted by on July 27, 2010 in Judea, Wichita


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