Oaxaca – August 2010

12 Aug

There’s always one person, one image, one moment that sticks with you on a mission trip. For me this time in Oaxaca, it was one phrase that continues towork itself out in my mind. As we were driving up the mountain to one of the remote villages our team visited, we came upon a lookout point where we could see the valley from where we had just come. Someone made a comment about the city “down there,” and then the missionary replied, “Some of these people don’t know there’s a ‘down there.’ ” That was difficult for me to fathom, especially as I became overwhelmed by the remoteness of the village with each passing mile and climb in elevation. How could these people live with so little, not even knowing what they were missing two and a half hours away? How could they be happy without even knowing of “the real world”? Then it hit me – this is similar to their view of the Gospel. For many of them, they don’t even know that there is a Jesus. They’re content to live without him because they don’t even know He exists. Then it really hit me – why was I more eager to tell them about the world “down there” than I was to share with them about Jesus? The “real world” as I know it couldn’t do anything to satisfy them, but a relationship with Jesus Christ would do everything to bring true satisfaction. Telling them about that is one task that sticks with me forever.

Written by Rebekah Burns

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Posted by on August 12, 2010 in General Missions, Mexico, Oaxaca, Samaria


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