Deserts of Africa – Dec. ’10 – Jan. ’11

16 Jan

There were two big things that God showed me personally this week. 1. My prayers actually matter and God actually hears them and answers them 2. We, as Christians, aren’t as good as we think we are.

God has truly shown his power and might to me this week. I’ve prayed more this week than I’ve ever prayed in my life. Usually when I pray I almost feel like no one is listening, but now when I sit in reflection, I realize that it’s because I wasn’t actually praying. I would not be focused on God during my prayers or I’d pray in a negative attitude. I think what changed on this trip is that I was actually depending on God to get me through the trip. Every single one of my prayers on this trip God has answered. Whether it was “Please get us on the airplane!” or “Please get me focused on you and get rid of distractions!” or “Please give us opportunities to share our faith with the B People!” God has proven his absolute power by doing each and every one of these things. On the outside looking in, it may not look at a lot, but this has completely changed the way I will pray for the rest of my life! Not so I can get more things out of God, but so I will be completely dependent on him in my life! He has proven to me time and time again that HE IS LORD!!!

If there is one word I could use to describe the B People, it would be hospitable. Their culture is the very essence of it! They would give us the best food they had (food that they never got to eat), let us sleep on their floors, and constantly bring us tea when we wanted some (which was pretty awesome). One day as we were walking across the rocky soil, taking a break from camel riding, Brant and I were talking and a certain story from the Bible spiritually hit me in the face: The Sheep and Goats from Matthew 25. In the story, the sheep get to go to the kingdom of heaven because they helped out Jesus when he was hungry, thirsty, naked, homeless, sick, and when he was in prison. They are confused because they’d never actually done any of these things for him, and he tells them that anything they did for one of their brothers, they also did for him! He goes on to tell the goats that they are to take their place in eternal punishment when they did none of the things that the sheep had done. They tell him that they would’ve done it if they’d known it was him and he tells them, anything you did not do for one of your brothers, you did not do for me.

What came to my mind was what I’d do if a group of eight of the B People came to my door unexpected and expected to me fed and given a place to sleep. Before this trip, I would’ve told them to go somewhere else and recommended a shelter or a church to go to. I think most of us are quick to classify ourselves as sheep in that story without actually examining ourselves. I came to realize that I would’ve been a goat in that story. How could the B People, who are not believers and not followers of Christ, display more Christ-like attributes than I do!?! This completely changed my perspective of myself, others, and most importantly, Christ. We are messed up people living in a messed up world, but God still has compassion and loves us.

Christ truly is the Great I Am and He is magnificent in every way!

Written by Chris Robertson

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Posted by on January 16, 2011 in End of the Earth, North Africa


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