Deserts of Africa – Dec. ’10 – Jan. ’11

17 Jan

We’re in the city now.  Looking back on the last few days I am nothing but excited!  I can’t believe the work that our Father is doing in the desert!  Spending time with the B People could not have been more encouraging.  I came on this trip hoping we would have oppurtunites but not expecting a whole lot because this area is just so dark.  Our friend told us that things have been changing a lot recently in the area and we got to see those changes first hand.  The change is that our Father is lifting the darkness.  Satan is losing his grip on this area where he has had such a strong grip for so very long.  Getting to sing praise songs with children in every village we visited shows that the changes in this region are very real and very good.  I can’t wait to share with the family what’s going on here.

My expectations were exceeded very far during our first day in the desert.  I didn’t expect a whole lot of interaction but we had plenty of time to talk to the B People and let them know we love them with our actions and even words on more than one occasion.  I love the friends that I got to come here with.  There is a like-mindedness in the group that has been invaluable.  It has been great lifting things up with them and being in constant fellowship.  It is great being in the city but I think we all feel like it would be much better to just go straight back to the desert.  Our time was so precious and encouraging I think even after a month out there we still wouldn’t be tired of it.  We have a lot to share with the family and a lot of things to lift up for a very long time.

It was really great getting to read through Exodus while we were out in the very wilderness that our Father’s chosen people wandered so very long ago.  It’s a beautiful wilderness that will quickly awe you as you see His creative power.  The other thing He constantly reminded us of is His provision.  Just as His children were provided for many years ago we were never hungry and never thirsty.  It was great seeing Him use the B People to provide for our needs with their great hospitality.  All in all this has been a great week and a new year that is as happy as you could ask for.  It’s good to be here because we are not ashamed of the main thing and we can’t wait to see it become the main thing in the lives of our new friends.

Written by Steve Kieklak

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