Deserts of Africa – Dec. ’10 – Jan. ’11

29 Jan

The B People are a semi-nomadic people group that roams through the Middle East (including Egypt).  Currently there are no believers among them (Islam is the national religion) making them an unreached and unengaged people group.  We were led by a few of them through the desert of Africa for four days.  On our desert trek, we had the opportunity to stay with many families and drink gallons of tea (hot with loads of sugar!).  The national religion is Islam, but very few B People actually practice it.

The men are very hard-hearted and do not allow “Western Religion.”  However, we had a lot of opportunity to share with the women and children.  In fact, much more than we imagined we would.  We spent time singing songs and playing with the kids.  Games like hop scotch (which I am now a pro at), duck duck goose, and tic-tac-toe were the favorites.  The songs were as many worship songs as we could think of with hand motions.  And since we came from Razorback country, we taught them to call the Hogs (Woo Pig SOOIE!!!).  It was a great experience to see the children’s eyes light up when we would take the time to play with them.

Muslim religion identifies Jesus as a prophet, but the religion does not recognize Him as the Son of God.  1 John 22 explains that anyone that claims Jesus is anything other than the Son of God is a Liar.  In the world today, there is a huge push for “tolerance” and acceptance of all religions.  However, the identify of Jesus is not up for debate.  He claims to be God, thus He is either telling the truth and we must worship Him, or He is lying about the very core of His message.  To say He is only a “good teacher” or prophet is not the full truth.  Imagine trying to share this with someone who has no knowledge of Christ, the Church, and speaks no English.  It was HARD!  God challenged me to grow to a deeper understanding of Jesus and be able to explain it as simply as possible – like to a child.  A teacher once said “if you can’t explain something to a 7th grader, you don’t know it well enough.”  This is true for the Gospel.  The challenge God gave me is to be able to present the Gospel quickly and efficiently in all circumstances.  The best way is of course through actions, but we should always be prepared to verbally give an answer for what we believe and why.

Written by Brant Simpkins

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Posted by on January 29, 2011 in End of the Earth, North Africa


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