Haiti – March 2011

21 Mar

As the day began we were all a little unsure of what to expect. As we drove to the site we saw the streets filled with people walking with sandals n the extremely uneven ground. The earthquake was very evident as debris was everywhere. As we got to the site and began working with the kids something was very evident, these kids (approx 300) have very little in material possession were so happy. They laughed and sang as most kids do. They were all just longing to be loved. The day was a little chaotic with 10 adults working with 300 kids. The language barrier was the most frustrating thing to deal with. I wanted to be able to tell them all of God’s love. Then I realized that God is bigger than a language barrier. He can use my actions just as well as my words. Our team wanted to give these kids all that we had. We wanted to glorify God by showing these kids His love. They day was emotionally and physically draining, but God is faithful to sustain. The team members have been so encouraging even through battling dehydration. God is definitely at work in the lives of our team and the people of Haiti.

Written by Susannah Burns

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Posted by on March 21, 2011 in Haiti, Samaria


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