Haiti – March 2011

21 Mar

By the grace of God, our team of 14 made it to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. As soon as we got to the “Florida House” where we are staying for the week, a lady told me that getting here with everyone still together and with all our bags intact (all 23 of them filled mostly with shoes from generous people all over NWA) was the first miracle that we’ve experienced. I totally agree with that. It’s so amazing and encouraging to be a part of this team of individuals who God has called to go to a 3rd world country such as Haiti, without the majority of us even knowing what to expect when we landed on the island. Needless to say, coming here was a leap of faith, faith that can only come from God. Four of our team members are leaving their kids (and wives in Larry and Stephen’s cases) to follow Christ where He wants them to go–even if it means not taking their loved ones with them. I mean, missing your daughter’s 3rd birthday? I would definitely call that obedience. I’m so blessed to be a part of a team who is daily surrendering their lives for the cause of Christ, knowing that their purpose is found in glorifying Him and making His glory known to the nations. Well, it has been a long day of traveling and new experiences for sure. The effects of the earthquake that occurred over a year ago are still so evident as we saw buildings collapsed, kids wandering the streets, that are filled with a dangerous mix of rubble. glass and metal debris. We have no idea what to expect as we look forward to tomorrow, and the rest of week, but we trust that God will use this week to demonstrate the love that He has shown us through Christ to the beautiful people of Haiti.

Written by Sydney Duerr

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Posted by on March 21, 2011 in Haiti, Samaria


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