Haiti – March 2011

22 Mar

Let me start by assuring the readers that today was chaotic, spirit led, and awesome! Construction team got started out excited to finish our job at the Philadelphia church. Larry shared some Chris Tomlin worship music with our security guard John, and it was amazing to see John’s spirit lift and praise God as we rode across the busy streets of Haiti. Even as we inhaled exhaust, and observed the busy morning in Haiti develop around us; we new that God was with us and that He does everything for our good. The construction project involved building windows out of wood and attaching them to the outside of the church. We have figured out that some things in Haiti don’t always go the way you want but it didn’t discourage our faith or slow down our drive to finish the job. The Haitian church members were persistent to help us, and it was a blessing because it was trying work. Again, the community between common believers in Jesus Christ is exciting, even if there is a language barrier. I’m positive the church members will be excited to use their new second level to glorify God. The earthquake destroyed much, leaving little for the Haitians to find hope in, but we’ve seen Joy in those that have little in physical regards but have much by the Grace of God and His redeeming love. After the job was complete, Larry and Stephen were able to donate a few creole Bibles to the church. One woman was ecstatic to receive the bible and proceeded to express it by dancing around. It’s that kind of joy that we sometimes forget enables us to do God’s work and glorify His name. Prayers and gratitudes were exchanged before hopping back in the “tap tap” and heading back across town to get dinner and share our experiences for the night. We had the opportunity to witness God’s love and people at work today. The Haitians are always working to rebuild and renew their country. It is our hope that through God’s love, we have provided the Haitians with the gospel so that they may continue to rebuild under the banner of Jesus Christ.

Written by Chase Rineheart

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