Haiti – March 2011

24 Mar

We have been so blessed to get to know 2 very special people here in the Florida House.  They are here for a year from Mississippi – Pastor Steve and Mrs. Kay Griffin.  They are amazing people and really do a good job overseeing the building of churches and homes here in Haiti.  Mrs. Kay or Mama Kay (as we call her) got to go out with us this morning.  She loves to go out and work with the people just to help her remember why she’s here and to get out of the office and away from paperwork.

This morning we left for the epicenter of the earthquake; where we would be sharing with children who were going to school in a tent.    We got to drive by the capital or the Palace of Haiti.  It was completely destroyed by the earthquake.  Mama Kay got to tell us some history on the way and she enlightened us on the religious background of Haiti.  When Haiti revolted from the French and gained their freedom they made a pact with Satan that they would worship him for 200 years.  The Haitian political government from what I understand really holds to Voodoo and calling on the evil that comes from that.  Mama Kay said she knows for a fact that a Voodoo Priestess has killed 2 of their Christian workers.  She doesn’t know if its really from the curses bestowed upon them or the Priestess slipping them poison to make it look that way.  With all of that said my eyes have just been opened to how dark Haiti is and how dark Voodoo is and how powerful satan is and how Haitians are living in fear due to this bone chilling evil.

Also in our drive, Robby read me an email from my mom from home.  It was the most impactful part of my day and the biggest blessing that I had because my daughter Alyssa who is 4 almost 5 told my mom that having Jesus in her heart felt yellow like the sun and that He talks to her too.  This just touched my heart and made me yearn and pray for the Haitian children that we are working with this week – to see Jesus and have their hearts see Jesus’ light in all of this darkness – to have their hearts filled with Christs hope and cleansed and made white as snow – to feel (In Alyssa’s words) “Yellow like the Sun.”

Written by Katie Bader

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Posted by on March 24, 2011 in Haiti, Samaria


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