Haiti – March 2011

24 Mar

Day 3 was awesome. Stephen, Chase, Larry, and myself went out to a new church today that was out in the Haitian countryside. It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. The drive was really bumpy especially when we got on the dirt roads outside the city. The Haitian countryside is really beautiful. We passed many fields of sugar cane and corn and saw many pigs, cows, goats, and sheep. When we arrived out at the small community we were greeted by many Haitians. It was the first day that we really got to interact with the Haitians while we worked. There were many kids that watched us work and they smiled and laughed at us very frequently. We really got in a groove and got a good bit of work done.  I was in charge of one station putting together the trusses and I really had lots of fun with it. The haitians really pitched in and helped a lot.  We climbed up on the cinder block walls to start puting up the trusses towards the end of the day and the view from being up in the air about 15ft was incredible. The beauty of the the mountainside with the fields and fruit trees was really incredible.  In Haiti it is really easy to get focused on the destruction and garbage everywhere, but I was really reminded of God’s beautiful creation even amidst the destruction.

There were a couple of really special moments for me today. First, there was an elderly man who had been kind of hanging around the fringes watching us work, and at one point I walked by him and he just kind of held out his hand and stopped me. He held up his arm and just kind of fist pumped in the air. We couldn’t communicate with words with each other, but I took his meaning.  He had a look of joy on his face as he fist pumped and I realized he was thanking me for being there and helping to put up the building. It really touched me because he was so joyful that we were helping the church with putting on the roof of the church.

The most awesome experience was interacting with this one little girl, who was probably about 3 or 4 and was there watching us with her dad.  Every time we walked by she would reach out and grab our hands or fingers and smile this huge smile.  I had been getting a little tired and then to have her grab my finger and smile at me gave me a lot of joy. It was great to be able to just love on her a little bit by holding her hand for a second and smiling at her. It was a really amazing day all around and I look forward to going back tomorrow to get more work done.

Written by John Mark Hannon

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