Haiti – July 2011

09 Jul
We visited the Rose-Mina Orphan house today.
I was prepared for the dust, the filth, the partially clothed children. I’d seen pictures. Not here.
But others.
I’ve sat in church. Seen slide shows.
Read National Geographic, Voice of Martyrs. Perused albums of other trips on Facebook.
What I wasn’t prepared for was the environment.
Exposed electrical wires dangling from dank hallways.
Rusting metal stairs steeper than the highest intensity stair master back home. And these tykes climb these.
All the time.

Their playground was the ROOF. A flat concrete slab with the occasional tricky step or exposed steel and not a single guard rail.

Oh, and the boys bunk room is directly off of it. Where Jonathan, a timid 16 year old boy surprised us all with his rendition of I Surrender All on a borrowed keyboard. Did I mention he was blind?
He sits in a creaking folding chair on the roof or on the floor in his room with his back to the wall, too scared to take a step.
Can you blame him?

Babies, yes babies, sleeping in and on metal bunk beds.
All infants and tots wearing soiled adult diapers.
Two women workers present, and one Spanish-speaking man, God bless their souls. How do they keep up with roughly 95 children?
How to keep them fed, clothed, clean, medicated, and schooled?
I don’t have an answer.

But God does. He has a purpose, a plan, for each of them. I don’t know (or could even begin to pronounce their names) but He knows their innermost being.
Even in conditions as this, He cares.
I pray they saw that in us.

Written by Kristin Gray

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Posted by on July 9, 2011 in Haiti, Samaria


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