Haiti – July 2011

12 Jul

Sunday was quite a day for our group as God was kind enough to show himself to us in several ways.

I know there is danger in thinking to much of ourselves for the few things we were abe to accomplish, however it felt like God was reminding us that what we were doing pleased him. I am thankful that we serve a God that holds all humanity in the palm of his hand, yet always personally shows up to each of us when we need him most.

Thankfully a group of us were able to return to the orphanage that we had visited a few days earlier. Our mission was to deliver a used elecric keyboard to a 16 year old blind boy named Jonathan. We has a visitor with us this time – her name was Summer. We had met Summer the day before, she was stuck in Haiti as she had accidentally let her US Visa expire, we had prayed with her at our team meeting. Summer was from China, not a believer, and very worried about her upcoming attempts to visit the US Embassy in a effort to renew her Visa.

The day started for Summer with a 3 1/2 hour church service, which had music that would rival any penecostal church in America. Then the homemade Haitian meal that was actually pretty good – a little scary, but good. As our food settled we headed out in groups to do home visits to a few of the families that had taken in some of the orphans after the earthquake – Summer was in my group. Our first stop was a tent city – the tents were made of tarps and were about a foot apart from each other. The tent we went to was approx 10′ x 15′, with a dirt floor and 2 small worn out pieces of foam to sleep. Simeese also had built a small makeshift shelf in one corner with a few dishes and some rice. I would guess that the temperature inside was between 95-100 degrees, however, this was her home and she was proud of it – she welcomed us in with a smile. We prayed with Simeese and gave her some candy for the kids and a little money to help with food. Simeese is raising 6 children in that tent, and has no man to help her. We then visited 2 more homes with similar situations – Summer was not saying to much, you could tell alot of this was weighing on her heart.

Finally on to the orphanage, which as in the middle of a slum area, and so difficult to see that I just dont have words. Once they allowed us inside the gate, it was obvious that some things were different than we had experienced a couple of days prior. Some of the kids had on new t-shirts, and were eating some snacks – and there were some people from the outside that were holding and playing with them. We discovered that these people were from the US Embassy and frequently visited this orphanage on their days off. The night before we had prayed with Summer to have help with the Embassy – and here they were in a random orphange, in the middle of a city with over a million people, at the same time as us. It was so neat to see Summer’s eyes light up while they gave her tips and shortcuts in renewing her US Visa – i know they saved her a week of waiting, if not two. Summer had seen first hand God at work, and we were also so blessed to see God at work with this young lady. We were able to pray with her one more time last night, I have no doubt that her Visa process got started today. Please keep Summer in your prayers that she will accept Jesus soon.

It’s amazing how God worked through that situation to show his face to both our group, and a lost chinese girl. This was a amazing trip for me and my boys – i am so grateful that the Lord allowed us to go. He has put a spirit of change in my heart, less of me and more of him – I pray I have the courage to follow through.

Written by Sean McLaren

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