Peru – July 2011

16 Jul

This past week when we shared about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, Karla and Fresia (from our 5pm beginner class) and Loana (who is usually in our 3pm beginner class, but came to the intermediate class yesterday) gave their lives to Christ!

**Please pray for these girls, that they would truly understand what the gospel means, and know their desperate need for Jesus to save them from their sin. Pray that the Holy Spirit would seal them, and that they would be assured of their salvation if they truly have been adopted into the Kingdom of God. Also, we my team and I are about to eat dinner with Fresia and Karla at 7pm tonight to talk to them more about the gospel and make sure they fully understand the profession that they just made on Wednesday.

**Pray for Meg and I especially as we translate for Fresia and Karla, and for Sarah and Jen. Pray that we would have clarity with what we are sharing, and also that we would be relying on God´s strength and for the Spirit to guide the conversation.

After being with Loana as she confessed her need for Jesus, my team and I were encouraged by a strong brother in Christ from our advanced class. He shared the Parable of the Lost Sheep with us from Luke 15:1-7, and how great it is to be a part of God´s work of redeeming souls for his kingdom. I feel so blessed and unworthy!

I´ve been learning on this trip that, as a Christian, it doesn´t matter how old you are in your relationship with Jesus. People have been telling me here that I´m just a baby in my faith since its been less than 2 years since God led me to make the best decision of my life. I know that I will always have room to improve in my walk with God, but no matter how long someone´s been a Christian, God can still use use to testify to His grace. If you look at Paul´s story in Acts 22:14-16, God opened His eyes and immediately Paul was led to be baptized and share about Jesus.

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