Boulder: Day 3 – March 2012

20 Mar

Isn’t it funny how much easier it is to say something than it is to do it?

That’s something that I saw today here in Boulder, Colorado. Sharing the gospel with people you don’t know, especially people that might be hostile to the gospel, is pretty difficult. The good news: God is a lot bigger than what is “difficult.”

My Monday started with a run. I got up pretty early to make sure that I was ready to go when Steve, Emily, and Brittany were. I think that saying “Colorado is beautiful” would be an understatement, and running in Colorado seemed to be a fantastic way to see God’s beautiful artwork. With the cool air on my face, I jogged along the paths near the house we are staying, and I stared at the mountains and the purple clouds above them in awe. It’s hard to describe a mountain view, but it was breathtaking this morning. The thin air while jogging made it especially breathtaking, more so from the running than from the mountains, however…

We had a breakfast of homemade pancakes before heading off to a small Methodist church where The Well (the church that we are serving here) had been meeting for a while. The Well had recently decided to move their meeting place from the Methodist church to another location primarily on grounds of space, but also regarding some of the beliefs that the Methodist church held. The church prided itself on being very open minded, even to the extent that it supported the beliefs of the gay and lesbian community. The Well had suggested that we could show them love by cleaning their church to facilitate continued communications between the churches. We proceeded to sweep, vacuum, clean dishes, clean windows, and a variety of other tasks while praying for the church. We enjoyed having the opportunity to reach out to the church.

Following the cleaning, we grabbed pizza for lunch and headed to the UMC (the equivalent of the UofA’s student union) at the University of Colorado to share the gospel. Though I entered in a manner that was almost arrogant, thinking that I would easily move from table to table sharing the gospel, I found myself terrified to do so. It was so hard to bring myself to enter spiritual conversation with the students, and I was humbled. I found myself frustrated with my inability to speak with them. We discussed as a group how only God can move us to accomplish His will, and I realized that I had to accept my own shortcomings and to learn to be patient for when God called me to move. It was very eye-opening experience, and it excited me all the more to be here and serve in this city while growing in my own spiritual walk with God.

We finally headed towards the mountains, pausing to pray for a wealthy neighborhood beforehand. It is apparently one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world, and we prayed that God would call those people to Him and that their wealth could serve God in ways that other people could not. Then we ascended into the mountains. Once again, breathtaking would be an understatement. We drove to the first lookout point, and already we could see the entire city before us. The view was spectacular, and some deer walked within feet of our group as they feasted on the mountain brush. Then, climbing higher, we reached a point where all we could see was mountaintops, and before us were a number of snow crested mountain peaks, lit by the sunlight while seeming to be covered by the clouds. God’s artwork is simply incredible. We decided to sing, and we worshipped with “How Great Thou Art” in awe of God’s great power. We were very reluctant to get back in the car, and we were very glad that we got to witness God’s power in such amazing way.

It has been incredible to see how God has been at work here in Boulder. Though Satan is clearly doing his best to hold on to the city, God is greater and will prevail. As Jeremiah says in Jeremiah 32:17, “Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.” This truth is becoming more and more evident every day that we are here, and we know that God will take Boulder for himself in the end. I hope and pray that you will see this truth, too. Thank you for all of your prayers for our team.

In Christ Alone,
Adam Yawn


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