Boulder: Day 4 – March 2012

21 Mar

What is your primary language? What language do you think in? Dream in?

What would it look like if the gospel so penetrated your life, it was the “language” you spoke in? Thought in. Dreamed in. Lived in.

What would it look like if you had gospel fluency?

This morning found Steve, Adam, Emalie and I:

-on a third-story deck

-in the heart of the Rocky Mountains

-overlooking the city of Boulder

-sipping incredible OZO coffee

-with Pastor Matt Patrick, Lead Pastor of The Well

-talking about Jesus

-considering gospel fluency.

A-mazing. Life-changing.

Gospel fluency is a way to naturally proclaim the glory of God in everyday life. Pouring out love on your neighbors, for the sake of the gospel. Choosing your living location, with the gospel in mind. Being missional in all you do; the gospel is about who you are rather than what you do. It’s about Jesus. And people need Jesus. Let’s point them to Jesus.

So many amazing things from that conversation, that each of us will be praying through for quite some time. Absolutely incredible.

Lunch saw us with Pastor Chase Davis (Executive Pastor of the Well) for discussing discipleship. Super-amazing conversation and real-life application. Steve will be covering this more tomorrow – so, stay tuned.

After lunch, a wee bit of altitude sickness hit me, so I took a time-out, while Emalie, Steve and Adam re-visited the University Campus. I’ll let Steve pick it up from here:

Adam talked yesterday about how we had some trouble and even some frustrations while trying to talk to people on campus. Today was the exact opposite. God really enabled to us to have some great conversations today. Our plan on campus wasn’t even to talk to people but to just go to the UMC and process our mind blowing morning and lunch together. Just outside the UMC in this little square outside there was a group gathered and a man seemed to be shouting at them. We see this pretty often at the U of A, everyone calls the guy Moses and while he claims to be a preacher, he just spews hate. The thing is the more we listened the more we realized that this man was preaching the gospel. He explained that Christians aren’t more righteousness than any other group, he explained that he was the most wicked person there but that he was saved by the grace of God. As you can imagine the students really appreciated this and received his message with equal humility…. Psych! They yelled at him and cussed at him and a few of them surrounded him and got in his face yelling at him. It was crazy to see such blatant persecution but he stood his ground in humility. He was really loving and it was just awesome to see someone so unashamed of the gospel that he was willing to take all that abuse. We used him as a spring board to talk to some people on the periphery which was really cool. We talked to one guy that had a very interesting perspective basically saying that he went from churched to de-churched and now he is getting back into the Bible for moralistic instruction. He was great to talk to because it seemed like a kind of view that could be popular here. The cool thing is that he’s looking at scripture at all so we are praying that God would use His word mightily in Collin’s life. Adam talked to a few other guys too and when we were done talking we were able to just encourage the guy who was preaching. He said to just keep using him as a spring board. It was awesome how God interrupted our plans to process gospel fluency and forced us to use a little bit of what we learned. In the picture you can see our friend sharing the gospel and over his shoulder the Skeptical Students Society holding their banner. Praise God for the cool gospel stuff going on in Boulder!

After campus, we had a blast spending time with the kids of the family we are staying with, while their parents had a date night. Super awesome kids. 🙂

God is good. Teaching us lots. As Steve said, today was a day that wrinkled our brains. So much to think through and implement in our lives.

We would love for continued prayer for this city – that the gospel may continue to take root here.

For the team,

Brittany Crist


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