Haiti: Day 4 – March 2012

21 Mar

Today was our fourth day in Haiti. I feel that today our team had a unique experience. We started our day out painting houses in the village of Minoterie. After finishing the houses, our guide, Will, told us that he was wanted to try evangalizing to fisherman on the beach. Before this week I had never even seen the ocean, much less been to the beach, so of course I got extremely excited about that. After a few minutes of admiring God’s creation, we ran into a few fishermen. We were with a larger group of people, but a few of us (Cole, Grayson, Remington, and myself, along with our translator Adrian) approached one of the men while he was sealing his boat with tar. Cole had mentioned earlier that this would be a really neat experience because of the close relationship with the fisherman of the Bible, so this opportunity was awesome.

At first we began with just meaningful small talk, asking about his boat, and his experiences. The man started out very focused on his work and not to interested in us, but after a bit it was very obvious by his body language that he was truly interesting in talking to us. The man seemed very knowledgeable and intrigued about the fishermen of the Bible. This was a total surprise to us though, because we were the ones expecting to tell him about the fisherman. The man was very exciting of what we had to say about God and his blessings. This conversation was very encouraging, to find a brother in such an unexpected place.

Something that also really surprised us was that the man didn’t even own a Bible, yet he still knew so much. It really shows how big of an influence that being surrounded by Godly people can be. This story may not seem that exciting or significant but to me it was a surreal experience. I love how tangible that these Bible stories had felt to me being there and seeing such a magnificent ocean and seeing the simple fisherman and their primitive boats. I definitely will be one of the moments that I will remember from this trip.

Written by Jesse Turner

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Posted by on March 21, 2012 in General Missions, Haiti, Samaria


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